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    Antioxidant Herb Tea is made of wild cephalotaxus sinensis, trichosanthes fruit, spreading hedyotis, astragalus, polygonatum, Eleuthero, rhodiola, tender green tea leaf and jasmine flower . They provide triterpenoid saponin, coumaric acid, flavonoid, methatriacontane, stigmasterol, ursolic acid, oleanolic acid, etc.
    Chinese medicine uses them as strong antioxidant to boost the bodyŠŐ» defense, to facilitate better blood circulation and remove stagnancy and toxins, and dissolve accumulated mass.

    Product Details

    Size20 teabags
    Ingredients: Cephalotaxus sinensis ; Trichosanthes fruit ; Spreading hedyotis ; Astragalus ; Polygonatum ; Eleuthero ; Rhodiola ; Tender green tea leaf ; Jasmine flower


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    Antioxidant Herb Tea

    Antioxidant Herb Tea

    2g X 20 bags