Astra Isatis

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Product Description

Therapeutic Actions::

Serve as an immune system tonic for chronic viral infections and inflammations
accompanied by fatigue, facial flushing, agitation, and lymphatic swelling. Useful
for chronic fatigue syndrome, herpes simplex, HIV, hepatitis
Chinese Therapeutic Effects
Tonify Qi, yin, and yang
Clear phlegm

Additional Formulas
If additional spleen and kidney Qi tonics are necessary, add Astra 8 or Astra Essence
For immune system enhancement, compare with Astra 8, which is a more warming formula
If dryness occurs with use of Astra Isatis, consider adding Nine Flavor Tea

Product Details

Ingredients: Da Qing Ye & Ban Lan Gen (Isatis extract leaf & root) ; Huang Qi (Astragalus root) ; Chai Hu (Bupleurum root) ; Kun Bu (Laminaria leaf) ; Dang Shen (Codonopsis root) ; Yin Yang Huo (Epimedium leaf) ; Gou Qi Zi (Lycium fruit) ; Shan Yao (Dioscorea root) ; Chu Shi Zi (Broussonetia fruit) ; Bai Zhu (White Atractylodes rhizome) ; Gan Cao (Licorice root)


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Astra Isatis

Astra Isatis

Astragalus & Isatis Herbal Supplement