Ban Xia Hou Pu Tang Capsules

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Product Description

Pinellia & Magnolia Combination

Eliminates accumulations
Moves Qi
Subdues Rebellious Qi
Transforms Phlegm

Western Symptomatology:
Difficulty in swallowing or spitting out; obstruction in the throat; coughing with profuse sputum; stifling sensation in the chest and hypochondriac regions; esophagiospasm; nervousness; emotional instability; palpitation

Product Details

Dosage 6 caps / 3x daily
Potency 5:1 / 500mg
Size 100 capsules
TCM Pattern Phlegm and qi depression and binding (plum pit qi)
TCM Therapeutic Action Moves the qi and disperses glomus ; downbears counterflow and transforms phlegm
Tongue Usually has a moist or greasy white coating
Pulse Usually wiry or wiry and slippery
Western Therapeutic Action 1) Psychiatric and neurological disorders marked by an abnormal sensation in the throat ; such as globus hystericus ; neurogenic vomiting ; hysteria ; epilepsy ; depression ; peri- and menopausal syndrome ; and Parkinson’s disease. 2) Disorders of the throat and surrounding tissue ; including laryngitis ; tonsillitis ; edema of the vocal cords ; goiter ; hyperthyroidism ; and cervical spine syndrome. 3) Digestive tract disorders ; including esophageal stricture ; esophageal spasm ; gastritis ; and irritable bowel syndrome. 4) Respiratory disorders ; including bronchitis and emphysema.
Ingredients: Pinellia Tuber (Ban Xia) - 27.27% ; Poria Cocos (Fu Ling) - 22.72% ; Magnolia Cortex (Hou Pu) - 13.64% ; Perilla Folium (Zi Su Ye) - 13.64% ; Zingiber Officinale Radix (Sheng Jiang) - 13.64% ; Ziziphus Fructus - Red (Da Zao) - 9.09%


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Ban Xia Hou Pu Tang Capsules

Ban Xia Hou Pu Tang Capsules

Pinellia & Magnolia Combination