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    Product Description

    Therapeutic Actions::

    1. Protect the liver against damage from environmental chemicals,
    pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, and other agents
    2. Treat liver damage and inflammation, including hepatitis
    Chinese Therapeutic Effects
    Vitalize Qi and blood circulation
    Tonify kidney and liver yin
    Tonify blood

    Additional Formula
    ? For immune tonification, consider Astra Isatis or Power Mushrooms

    Product Details

    Ingredients: Han Lian Cao (Eclipta herb concentrate) ; Sylibum marianum (Milk Thistle seed ; Sylibum) ; Yu Jin (Curcuma Tuber) ; Dan Shen (Salvia root) ; Gou Qi Zi (Lycium fruit) ; Nu Zhen Zi (Ligustrum fruit) ; Chai Hu (Bupleurum root) ; Wu Wei Zi (Schizandra fruit) ; San Qi (Tienchi root) ; Dang Gui (Tang Kuei root) ; Che Qian Zi (Plantago Seed) ; Gan Cao (Licorice root)


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    Liver Protection