Far Infrared Herbal Patch, Warm

    Golden Sunshine



    Product Description

    *This patch is yellow in color and contains a piezoelectric ingredient that is activated by body heat to emit the Far Infrared therapeutic frequency along with Chinese herbs that are predominantly ?warm.? Use on patients with poor circulation.

    Minor muscle and joint aches; Simple backache; arthritis; strains; bruises; sprains

    Product Details

    SizeBag of 3 pieces (11 15 cm x 4.3cm x 5.9cm)
    Ingredients: Menthol ; Tourmaline ; Wintergreen Oil ; Sesame Oil ; Resin ; Nelumbinis stamin ; Zinc oxide ; Resina Liquidambaris ; Frankincense ; Myrrha ; Angelicae sinensis radix ; Scrophulariae radix ; Gleditsiae abnormalis fructus ; Angelicae dahuricae radix ; Tartrazine


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    Far Infrared Herbal Patch, Warm

    Far Infrared Herbal Patch, Warm

    Minor muscle and joint aches | Simple backache | arthritis | strains | bruises | sprains