Formula H

Health Concerns


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Product Description

Therapeutic Actions::

1. Reduce inflammation of hemorrhoidal tissues
2. Stop hemorrhoidal bleeding
3. Resolve bloody stools due to other conditions, such as colitis, and Crohn?s
4. Can be used for excessive menstrual bleeding due to heat
Chinese Therapeutic Effects
Clear heat Eliminate dampness
Consolidate yin Nourish the blood
Promote blood circulation Stop bleeding

Additional Formulas
? With rectal bleeding in Crohn?s and colitis consider combining Formula H (3 to 5 tablets
TID) and Colostroplex, (1 to 2 tablets TID)
? Use Isatis Cooling, for colitis and sharp stabbing pain, without rectal bleeding
? For irregular menstrual bleeding due to heat, consider using Formula H (2 to 3 tablets QID)
with Unlocking (2 to 3 tablets QID)

Product Details

Size 90 tablets
Ingredients: Di Yu (Sanguisorba root) ; Bai Tou Weng (Pulsatilla root) ; Huai Hua Mi (Sophora flower) ; Bai Shao (White Peony root) ; Dang Gui (Tang Kuei root) ; Sheng Di Huang (Rehmannia raw root) ; Qin Pi (Fraxinus cortex) ; Huang Bai (Phellodrendron Cortex) ; Jin Yin Hua (Lonicera flower)


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Formula H

Formula H

Bai Tou Weng Tang