He Shou Wu (Thin) Raw

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Product Description

Class: Tonify Subclass: Tonify the Blood Nature Slightly warm. Taste Bitter, sweet, astringent. Organ Liver, Kidneys. Toxicity Non toxic. Actions Tonifies the Essence. Tonifies Blood. Benefits the Essence. Benefits the Blood. Stops malaria. Expels toxins. Moistens the Intestines. Promotes bowel movement.

Product Details

Dosage 9 - 30 grams
Size 1 pound
English Name Fleeceflower Root ; Flowery Knotweed Root
Properties Astringent ; Slightly Warm
Western Symptomology / Indications Dizziness ; Blurred vision ; Premature greying of the hair ; Weakness of the lower back and knees ; Soreness in the extremities ; Nocturnal emissions ; Insomnia ; Wind rash ; Spermatorrhea ; Uterine bleeding ; Vaginal discharge ; Tinnitus
TCM Pattern Yin deficiency ; Blood deficiency
TCM Therapeutic Action Tonifies the Liver and Kidneys ; Nourishes the blood ; Augments the essence ; Expels wind from the skin
Contra Indications / Cautions Loose stool ; significant dampness ; phlegm.
Taste Bitter ; Sweet
Branch Channel Liver ; Kidney
Ingredients: He Shou Wu (thin sliced)


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He Shou Wu (Thin) Raw

He Shou Wu (Thin) Raw

Sliced Tuber Fleeceflower Root | Radix Polygoni Multiflori