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    Product Description

    This formula has been formulated by Certified Nutritional Specialist and a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. This New formula combines many of the most effective and safe lipotropic and thermogenic ingredients in modern nutritional research and Chinese herbology for weight control.

    It is designed to decrease fat absorption from food and increase the fat metabolic rate within the body and to maintain, or increase, the muscle mass so it can further promote fat burning and body strength. It also helps reduce the "bad cholesterol" level from food intake and within the body, thus protecting the heart and blood vessels. It also contains ingredients which will prevent excess calories from food transferring into fat storage in the body.

    It is safe, natural and health promoting! That is why it is called Healthy Fat Burners. It is not like many weight-loss products on the market which can reduce energy levels, or cause loss of muscle mass together with fat loss or dehydration caused by laxative teas. Some products can also cause malnutrition if taken over a long period of time. Many diet plans will temporarily work but will slow down the body fat-burning metabolism and are doomed to fail in the long run.

    CHITOSAN: Contains Amino-polysaccharides which can bind up to 80 times of its weight of fats and cholesterol and is expelled it from the body through bowel movement. Chitosan can be beneficial to the ??good flora?? in the intestine. Our Chitosan are extracted and purified from Norwegian & USA Lobster shell and Crab shell which has very strong affinity to bind the fat and cholesterol from food in the intestine and expel them from the body.

    LIPOTROPICS: They can break down the fat from normal fat cells to burn in muscle and brown fat tissues or to expel them out.
    L-CARNITINE: It helps move the fat from fat cells to mitochondria to burn, also helps control blood-sugar level and helps strengthen cardiovascular system.
    L-METHIONINE: It is also an antioxidant that helps eliminate fatty substances which build up in the arteries and the liver.
    INOSITOL: It moves fat out from the liver and regulates cholesterol level and possibly protects against cardiovascular disease.
    CALCIUM PYRUVATE: Calcium Pyruvate has two benefits to humans: It can increase energy level and enhance fat loss. The scientists at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center discovered that dietary supplementation with pyruvate increased fat loss up to 48% and minimized the associated loss of body protein. Pyruvate is 100% safe; it naturally occurs in the body as an end-product of the metabolism of carbohydrates.

    CHROMIUM (Polynicotinate): It is the most easily absorbed form of mineral for the body to use. This mineral can help metabolize sugar and regulate insulin level. It can increase cells?? sensitivity to insulin and thus improve the fluctuation of blood- sugar level. It has been reported to lower cholesterol and triglycerides too. It also promotes fat-burning and it is seen as a ?Ñfat-buster?? when used with L-Carnitine. 90% people lack this mineral.
    SPIRULINA: This is a high nutritional food providing protein and trace minerals

    THERMOGENIC Botanical extracts: Help generate heat from fat-burning and increase metabolism and energy.
    Contains 50-60% (-)Hydroxy Citric acid which can prevent extra calories from the food turning into fat, converting them instead into energy. It also suppresses sugar-craving and it mildly reduces appetite.
    GREEN TEA EXTRACT: Contains Catechins that promote fat-burning. It is also a strong antioxidant to protect blood vessels.
    IMMATURE CITRUS AURANTIUM EXTRACT: Contains synephrine which will bind the blocks that prevent the thermogenic process. It has similar effect as Ephedra from Ma Huang but it is safe and without the side effects of MaHuang. It also helps easier bowel elimination of fat.
    ASTRAGALUS EXTRACT & AMERICAN GINSENG ROOT: Both herbs can enhances energy and fat metabolism and have good adaptogenic and anti-oxidant compounds.
    ATRACTYLODES LANCEA EXTRACT: It expels excess fluids from the tissues and promotes fat burning.
    KELP EXTRACT: It improves thyroid function and helps fat-burning.
    CINNAMON, RHUBARB & SILER EXTRACT: A small quantity of these herbs are added to enhance fat burning and leads the ingredients to the body surface, Rhubarb help promote the regulation of bowel movement and circulation.

    During dieting and lipotropic activity, one needs extra amount of vitamins: B6, Vitamin C, Calcium Pantothenate which are added here.
    The above ingredients work synergistically to greatly promote fat-burning while maintaining your cardiovascular and overall health of your body. It is a safe and effective formula.

    Suggested usage:
    For adults, take 4 capsules two times a day about half an hour before the two larger meals with one glass of room temperature or warm water.
    It is recommended to take fat soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A, D, E at least 3 hours apart from taking this product to avoid being absorbed by Chitosan in this formula.
    Avoid taking this product if you are pregnant, nursing a baby (your baby or fetus do not need to lose weight). Keep out of reach of children.

    A good weight-reducing program involves a balanced diet which contains enough protein (ideally more from beans, fish, egg whites and less from red meats), carbohydrates in starch form rich in fibers (unrefined grain flour). The Protein/Carbohydrates ratio should be at 0.6 -1.0 ratio and a lot more of vegetables and fresh fruit. You should have very little processed food which contains sugar and fructose. Avoid or decrease food-intake containing mostly saturated fats, such as butter, margarine, cookies, desserts, french fries, whole fat milk, creamy soups and ice cream. Use food or oil rich in mono-unsaturated fats (such as olive oil) instead.

    Drink eight glasses of clean water (room temperature or warm) during the day, especially half an hour or one hour before each meal. Take water or drinks without ice since low temperature drinks will slow down the activity of food- digestion in the stomach. Moderate exercise every day will enhance the thermogenic (fat-burning) process, and the strengthening of muscle tissue will certainly burn the fat as fuel.

    Product Details

    Size240 capsules
    Ingredients: Chitosan 92% Deacylation - 300 mg ; L-Carnatine Fumarate - 120 mg ; Calcium Pyruvate - 90 mg ; Inositol - 60 mg ; L-Methionine - 30 mg ; L-Tyrosine - 30 mg ; Vitamin C - 60 mg ; (Calcium) Pantothenate - 15 mg ; Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL) - 7.5 mg ; Chromium (Picolinate) - 64mcg ; Spirulina ; American Ginseng ; Carcinia Cambogia Extract ; Citrus Aurantium Extract ; Green Tea Extract ; Atractylodes Extract ; Kelp ; Astragalus Extract ; Cinnamon ; Rhubarb ; Siler


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    Healthy Fat Burners

    Healthy Fat Burners

    A Healthy Way to Burn Fat and maintain optimum health