Immortal Qi

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    Product Description

    Therapeutic Actions::

    Boosts the Qi and enriches yin, rectifies the qi, arouses the brain, and increases intelligence

    The signs and symptoms of Qi vacuity are:

    * Dizziness
    * Nausea
    * Fatigue
    * A general feeling of malaise
    * Shortness of breath
    * Headache
    * Loss of appetite

    The signs and symptoms of yin vacuity are:

    * A dry mouth, nose, and throat
    * Possible hoarseness
    * Thirst
    * Possible dry, unproductive cough

    Product Details

    Ingredients: Huang Qi ; Hong Jing Tian ; Chuan Xiong ; Mai Men Dong ; Wu Wei Zi ; Dong Chong Xia Cao ; Tai Zi Shen ; Bai Zhu ; Dang Gui ; Man Jing Zi ; Sheng Jiang ; Gan Cao ; Sheng Ma ; Chai Hu


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    Immortal Qi

    Immortal Qi

    Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang He Sheng Mai San Jia Jian