Jiao Gu Lan Granules

Treasure Of The East


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Product Description

Jiao Gu Lan has a general effect to nourish and strengthen the body.

Product Details

Size 5:1
English Name Gynostemma Granules
TCM Disease Diagnosis Asthma ; Migraines ; Neuralgia ; Impaired function of the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts ; Deficiency syndromes which may include vomiting or nausea with drooling of saliva ; Shortness of breath ; Chest congestion ; Swelling ; Inflammation and pain due to heat
Properties Cold
Western Symptomology / Indications Gastric ulcer ; Duodenal ulcer ; Hyperlipidemia ; Nodules ; Cystitis ; Herpes zoster ; Coronary sclerosis ; Hypertension
TCM Pattern Deficiency ; Dampness ; Heat and Toxins
TCM Therapeutic Action Moistens Lung ; Promotes generation of Body Fluids ; Dispels Phlegm. Clears Heat ; Eliminates Toxins ; Reduces TCM Therapeutic Action
Taste Slightly bitter
Ingredients: Jiao Gu Lan Granules


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Jiao Gu Lan Granules

Jiao Gu Lan Granules

Jiao Gu Lan has a general effect to nourish and strengthen the body