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Product Description

Therapeutic Actions 1. Replenish the energy required for daily activities 2. Delay onset of physical conditions due to aging 3. Health maintenance 4. Consider for excessive uterine bleeding and cold leukorrhea Chinese Therapeutic Effects Tonify organ qi Invigorate the blood Harmonize organ functions

Product Details

Size 90 tablets
Ingredients: Lu Jiao Shuang (Deer Antler sediment) ; Dang Gui (Tang Kuei root) ; Ji Lin Shen (Kirin Ginseng root) ; Du Zhong (Eucommia bark) ; Ba Ji Tian (Morinda root) ; Rou Cong Rong (Cistanche salsa herb) ; Ling Zhi Cao (Ganoderma Reishi mushroom) ; He Shou Wu (He Shou Wu root) ; Qian Shi (Euryale seed) ; Fu Pen Zi (Rubus fruit) ; Lian Zi (Lotus seed) ; Gou Qi Zi (Lycium fruit) ; Shu Di Huang (Rehmannia (cooked) ; root) ; Jin Ying Zi (Rose fruit) ; Shan Zhu Yu (Cornus fruit) ; Bu Gu Zhi (Psoralea root) ; Tu Si Zi (Cuscuta seed) ; Xiao Hui Xiang (Fennel fruit)


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Dr. Fung?s Longevity Herbal Supplement