Maternal Herbal

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Product Description

Therapeutic Actions::

1. Promote fertility in women
2. Can also be used for yang deficient individuals and low libido
Chinese Therapeutic Effects
Tonify liver yin and kidney yang Tonify and nourish blood
Relax shen Tonify Qi
Invigorate blood and Qi

Additional Formulas
? Consider Fertile Garden for kidney and liver yin deficiency pattern
? Consider Clear Phlegm (Wen Dang Tang) and Quiet Digestion for phlegm-dampness
? Consider Woman?s Balance for liver Qi stagnation pattern
? Consider Eight Treasures for blood deficiency pattern
? Consider Channel Flow for blood and Qi stagnation or dysmenorrhea

Product Details

Size 90 tablets
Ingredients: Ji Lin Shen (Kirin Ginseng root) ; Rou Cong Rong (Cistanche salsa herb) ; Shu Di Huang (Rehmannia (cooked) ; root) ; Dang Gui (Tang Kuei root) ; Nu Zhen Zi (Ligustrum fruit) ; Fu Pen Zi (Rubus fruit) ; Lu Jiao Jiao (Deer Antler sediment) ; Ba Ji Tian (Morinda root) ; Suo Yang (Cynamorium plant) ; Fu Shen (Fu shen sclerotium) ; Chuan Xiong (Ligusticum root) ; Du Zhong (Eucommia bark) ; Yin Yang Huo (Epimedium herb) ; Wu Zhu Yu (Evodia fruit) ; Rou Gui (Cinnamon bark) ; Chuan Jiao (Zanthoxylum fruit)


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Maternal Herbal

Maternal Herbal

Dr. Fung?s Ligustrum Herbal Supplement