Pain Terminator Far Infrared Analgesic Patch

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Product Description

The Pain Terminator? Far Infrared Analgesic Patch is the best choice for treating both chronic and acute indications where you want to stabilize the herbs on an area like the lower back, shoulder or joint for a longer period of time. This exciting new technology employs a piezoelectric ingredient that, when activated by body heat, emits a therapeutic Far Infrared frequency. This helps open the pores and aides in transporting the therapeutic herbal formulation into the affected tissue. For increased potency, the cream may be applied first allowing sufficient time for it to absorb into the skin, then apply the patch. This increases the number and amount of therapeutic herbs being applied and the patch stabilizes them on the affected area for a longer period of time.

Product Details

Size Package of 5 patches
Ingredients: Menthol - 2% ; Wintergreen Oil - 0.5% ; Sesame Oil ; Resin ; Paeonia veitchii radix ; Zinc Oxide ; Drynariae rhizoma ; Angelicae sinensis radix ; Carthami flos ; Pyritum ; Draconis resina ; Frankencense ; Myrrha ; Terebinthina ; Ligustici rhizoma ; Acanthopanacis cortex ; Achyranthis radix ; Acori rhizoma ; Atractylodis rhizoma ; Saussureae radix ; Gentianae macrophyllae radix ; Cnidii monnieri fructus ; Cinnamonomi cortex ; Aconiti tuber ; Pinelliae tuber ; Dendrobi caulis ; Dioscoreae tokoro rhizoma ; Indigo carmine ; Tartrazine


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Pain Terminator Far Infrared Analgesic Patch

Pain Terminator Far Infrared Analgesic Patch

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