Steady Centeredness

Kan Herbals and Kan Traditionals

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Product Description

Pattern Identification

Excess Liver Wind and Yang with deficient Kidney Essence, uncontained Liver-Kidney Essence

Chinese Action

Astringes Liver, extinguishes Liver Wind and Sinks Liver Yang, nourishes Liver-Kidney Essence, astringes and stabilizes Kidney.


Occasional headaches, dizziness, vertigo, heat flushes, ringing in the ears

Occasional numbness or tingling sensations

Supports vision

Product Details

Ingredients: tian ma gastrodia rhizome du zhong eucommia bark shi jue ming abalone shell fang feng siler root huang qin Chinese skullcap root zhi zhi shan gardenia fruit gou teng shuang gambir stem branch and twig bai ji li tribulus fruit man jing zi simple leaf chaste tree fruit gou qi zi Lycium fruit tu si zi Chinese dodder seed


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Steady Centeredness

Steady Centeredness

Fang feng tang & Tian ma gou teng yin. Ledebouriella Soup & Gastrodia Uncaria Drink