Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin Granules

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Product Description

Gastrodia & Uncaria Combination

Calms Liver-Wind
Clears Heat
Moves Blood
Tonifies Liver and Kidneys

Endogenous Wind in the Liver Channel that is caused by excess Liver Yang.

Western Symptomatology:
Headache; ear ringing; insomnia with dream-disturbed sleep; dizziness; vertigo; blurred vision; sensation of heat rushing to the head; trembling movement of the tongue; deviation of mouth and eyes. In severe cases, there may also be numbness; convulsion; twitching and spasms in the extremities; coma; paralysis or partial paralysis.

Product Details

Size 100 grams
English Name Gastrodia & Uncaria Combination
TCM Disease Diagnosis Dizzines ; mild headache and blurry vision due to rising Yang with deficiency of Qi and Blood ; deficiency Wei syndrome ; deficiency Bi syndromes
TCM Therapeutic Action Subdues Liver Yang ; extinguishes Wind ; clears Heat ; invigorates Blood ; tonifies Kidney ; nourishes Liver
Tongue Usually red
Pulse Usually wiry and rapid
Contra Indications / Cautions Caution during pregnancy
Ingredients: Haliotis Concha (Shi Jue Ming) - 16.40% ; Polygonum Multiflorum - Caulis (Ye Jiao Teng) - 16.40% ; Loranthus Ramulus (Sang Ji Sheng) - 13.10% ; Uncaria Rhynchophilla (Gou Teng) - 8.20% ; Eucommia Cortex (Du Zhong) - 8.20% ; Leonurus herba (Yi Mu Cao) - 8.20% ; Poria Cor (Fu Shen) - 8.20% ; Cyathula Radix (Chuan Niu Xi) - 6.60% ; Gastrodia Rhizoma (Tian Ma) - 4.90% ; Gardenia Fructus (Zhi Zi) - 4.90% ; Scutellaria Radix (Huang Qin) - 4.90%


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Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin Granules

Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin Granules

Gastrodia & Uncaria Combination