Wrm Clear

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    Product Description

    For roundworm, tapeworm or hookworm infestation, debilitation (where animals life is in immediate danger due to massive worm infestation, veterinary advice should be immediately sought)

    Product Details

    Size15 ml (with dropper)
    Ingredients: Gran. ; Kamala ; Chen. Anth. ; Filix M. 3x & 3c ; Cuc. Pepo 2x & 4x ; Cina ; Spig. A. ; Teuc. M. ; Thymol 4x ; Nux V. ; Arsen. Alb. ; 8x ; Naph. 5c in 20% USP alc. in purified water


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    Wrm Clear

    Wrm Clear

    For roundworm, tapeworm or hookworm infestation