Xi Yang Shen Granules

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Product Description

This herb is bitter and slightly sweet in flavour, cold in nture, and acts on the heart, lung and kidney channels. Sweet and cold for invigorating Qi and nourishing Yin, and bitter and cold for clearing heat and fire, as a heat-clearing tonic with tonification as well as purgation, it is indicated for deficiency of Qi and Yin with pathogenic fire. Both American ginseng root and ginseng have the effects of invigorating Qi and nourishing Yin and are indicated for deficiency syndrome of Qi and Yin. However, patients with cold of deficiency type in the spleen and stomach are contraindicated to use American ginseng root bitter in flavour and cold in nature; while patients with fire of excess type in the interior are contraindicated to use ginseng slightly warm in nature.

Effects: Invigorating Qi, nourishing Yin, clearing heat and promoting the generation of the body fluid.


1. For exopathogenic epidemic, febrile disease, injury of Qi and Yin, perspiration, lassitude, vexation and thirst, the herb is often used in combination with ophiopogon root, trichosanthes root, schisandra fruit and other herbs for clearing heat and nourishing Yin.

2. For Yin deficiency and excessive fire of the lung and kidney, dry cough, hemoptysis, night sweat and consumptive fever, it can be used in combination with dried rehmannia root, ophiopogon root, fritillary bulb, mulberry leaf and other herbs for nourishing Yin, clearing fire, moistening the lung to arrest cough.

Product Details

Size 100 grams
Ingredients: Xi Yang Shen


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Xi Yang Shen Granules

Xi Yang Shen Granules

American Ginseng Root Extract Powder