Xiao Huo Luo Wan


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Product Description

Minor Invigorate Luo Channel Elixir

Disperses Dampness and Wind-Damp
Invigorates the channel

Stagnation of Qi and Blood in the channels due to wind cold phlegm obstruction, Wei syndromes marked marked by weakness or trembling

Western Symptomatology:
Sharp or dull joint pain, rheumatism, stiff joints, muscle spasm, numbness, chronic conditions resulting from trauma or stroke when aggravated by cold and damp, hemiplegia following stroke

Product Details

Size 100 pills
Ingredients: Di Long (Earthworm) - 21.43% ; Chuan Wu -zhi (Sichuan Aconite root (Prepared) - 21.43% ; Cao Wu -zhi (Aconite root (Prepared) - 21.43% ; Nan Xing -zhi (Chinese Arisaema) - 21.43% ; Ru Xiang (Frankincense) - 7.14% ; Mo Yao (Myrrh) - 7.14%


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Xiao Huo Luo Wan

Xiao Huo Luo Wan

Minor Invigorate Luo Channel Elixir