Astragalus 10

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    Product Description

    Immune system deficiency, frequent infections, general weakness.

    Astragalus 10+ is a tonic prescription that has the principal aim of enhancing the immune system functions, though it can be used as a general tonic for qi, blood, and essence. Deficiencies of the immune function may be caused by chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery, by viruses, and by various stresses. The herbs selected here have been demonstrated by modern research to enhance immune functions. A key to successfully promoting immune functions is getting an adequate dosage of the active constituents, which include polysaccharides and saponins. This formula should be taken in substantial amounts for the initial therapy; this regimen can be followed up-after immune regulation is improved-with a lower dosage for maintenance. Western practitioners sometimes rely on alcohol-based liquid extracts, which are inappropriate for this application of the herbs. Alcohol condenses the active polysaccharides and renders them unavailable in the finished product. Therefore, many times this method of therapy is found ineffective, but it is because the active constituents have not been delivered. A similar problem can arise from using supoptimal doses of the tablets. Concentrated extracts of astragalus, eleuthero, and ganoderma have been used to boost the amounts of these ingredients. Coricepium may be used additionally to increase the amount of polysaccharides provided; Astragalus Tablets can be used to increase the astragalus dosage significantly.

    Product Details

    Ingredients: Huang Qi (astragalus) - 12%


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    Astragalus 10

    Astragalus 10

    Immune system deficiency, frequent infections, general weakness