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    Product Description

    Therapeutic Actions::

    1. Treat acute and chronic bronchitis, asthma, and bronchial asthma
    2. Treat chronic cough with phlegm, wheezing and chest pain associated with
    smoking and air pollution
    3. Combine with western medication for pneumonia and tuberculosis
    Chinese Therapeutic Effects
    Stop cough by descending Qi
    Dispel phlegm
    Clear the lung

    Additional Formulas
    Combine with Isatis Gold in cold/flus entering the lungs
    Use Tremella and American Ginseng with dry cough
    Combine with Ease Plus when lung symptoms appear after quitting smoking
    Combine with Flavonex or Astra Garlic in treating degenerative heart disease
    Combine with Nine Flavor Tea to support the kidney if the formula is taken for a long time
    Combine with Clear Phlegm for copious sputum and coughing

    Product Details

    Size90 tablets
    Ingredients: Su Zi (Perilla fruit) ; Bai Qian Ku Xing Ren (Apricot seed) ; Sang Bai Pi (Morus cortex) ; Tian Hua Fen (Tricosanthes root) ; Zhe Bei Mu (Fritillaria bulb) ; Jie Geng (Platycodon root) ; Zi Wan (Aster root) ; She Gan (Belamcanda rhizome) ; Huang Qin (Scute root) ; Wu Wei Zi (Schizandra fruit) ; Gan Cao (Licorice root) ; Ban Xia (Pinellia rhizome) ; Tylophora extract leaf


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    Clear Air

    Clear Air

    Perilla Fruit Herbal Supplement