About us - Qi Herbal Apothecary

About us

Our Mission

Our mission at Qi Herbal Apothecary is to provide only the highest quality of Chinese herbal remedies to the general public.

We are passionate about the extraordinary medicinal qualities of Chinese herbs and remedies and its importanceas a powerful tool in not only illness prevention but healing and optimal health promotion as well.

We only provide you with the most potent and most effective combinations of Eastern and Western medicinal herbs produced by only reputable brands using the highest quality of therapeutic grade ingredients.

Third party testing and cGMP standard manufacturing ensure that these products start with the highest quality herbs that are: sulphur, heavy metals, and pesticide free. 

Our Philosophy

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete and integral medical system that has succefully diagnosed, treated, and prevented illnesses for over 5000 years.

It emphasises a holistic approach using a combination of diet and exercise, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and body work to correct a wide range of disorders ranging from acute trauma to chronic diseases.

We firmly believe that prevention is the highest form of medical practice where TCM can play a powerful role in helping people live more productive and satisfying lives.

If you are not simply refilling a recommended formula we highly recommend obtaining a proper diagnosis from a qualified TCM practitioner before ordering.

Our Responsibility

At Qi Herbal Apothecary we strongly believe that our health of our bodies and that of our planet our intrinsicly linked.

As such we work on minimizing the use of plastic, paper, and other disposable products as much as possible in favor of digital documents whenever possible.