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    Product Description

    Rehmannia & Akebia Formula

    Product Details

    Dosage3 caps / 2x / daily
    Potency7:1 750mg
    Size90 tablets
    English NameGuide out the Red Powder
    TCM Disease DiagnosisPatterns of exhuberant heat in the heart channel. There may be vexing heat in the heart and chest, thirst and a red face, desire for cold drinks, and sores in the mouth and tongue. There may also be heart heat spreading to the small intestine causing reddish, rough, and painful urination
    Western SymptomologyIrritating sensation of heat in the heart and chest; Thirsty with the desire to drink cold beverages; Urine is of amber color; Urination is hesitant, painful and short; Blood in the urine; Red face; Oral cavity inflammation; sores around the mouth
    TCM PatternHeart fire spreading to the small intestine
    TCM Therapeutic ActionClears the heart and nourishes yin; Disinhibits water; Frees stranguary
    Western Therapeutic ActionDiuretic
    Ingredients: Rehmannia Radix - Raw (Sheng Di Huang) - 27.27% ; Lophatherum herba (Dan Zhu Ye) - 27.27% ; Clematidis Armandii (Mu Tong - Chuan) - 27.27% ; Glycyrrhiza Radix - Tip (Gan Cao Shao) - 18.19%


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    Dao Chi San

    Dao Chi San

    Rehmannia & Akebia Formula