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Eyesight Tonic

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    Product Description

    It contains a powerful balanced blend of antioxidants and photo-protective ingredients and herbal extracts that provide nutrients to protect the eyes against many primary degenerative conditions.
    Natural and artificial lights impact our eye tissue and its function. In order to maintain normal healthy eyes, the body needs to provide the eye tissue with optimum nutrients and to transport the metabolic wastes out quickly and smoothly. When we age; stare too long at artificial light sources, such as TV, computer monitors; or eat an unbalanced diet, our eyesight can also degenerate. Exposure to ultraviolet intensity from the sun, emission from electromagnetic fields by electric appliances, and artificial light sources have increased the risks to our eyesight. The retina is very susceptible to free-radical damage because of its high oxygen consumption, high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, and exposure to light. It may be difficult to change our life-style to use our eyes less and let them rest more. But we can still protect the eyes from damage by their most fearful enemies, free radicals caused by the external environment and our own internal metabolism.
    Recent articles in the most prestigious medical journals have clearly demonstrated and confirmed the positive benefits of antioxidants and special nutrients for the protection of the eyes against cataract and glaucoma formation and the development of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Bio Essence has incorporated these nutrients into a powerful, well-balanced formula designed to nourish the eyes and to protect them from these degenerative conditions. Many of the ingredients are antioxidants that offer strong protection against free radicals and oxidative stress. It can also used as supplement with so-called Computer Vision Syndromes, such as eye fatigue, headache, eye strain, blurred vision, light sensitivity, dry and irritated eyes.

    Product Details

    Size75 capsules
    Ingredients: Bilberry Extract - 50 mg ; Lutein Marigold - 5 mg ; Vitamin C - 100 mg ; L-Taurine - 50 mg ; N-acetyl L-Cysteine - 83.33 mg ; Quercetin (98% bioflavonoids) - 50 mg ; Grape Seed Extract - 33.33 mg ; Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopheral) - 26.67 mg ; Gingko biloba (24%) - 23.33 mg ; Chrysanthemum Extract - 26.67 mg ; Cassia Seed Extract - 26.67 mg ; Betatene (Mixed natural carotenoids of Alpha ; Beta-carotenes ; Cryptoxanthin ; Lutein ; Lycopene ; Zeaxanthin) - 6.67 mg ; Alpha-Lipoic Acid - 13.33 mg ; Riboflavin B2 - 5 mg ; Copper (gluconate) - .23 mg


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    Eyesight Tonic

    Eyesight Tonic

    Eyesight Tonic is a specially-designed nutritional and herbal supplement.