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Gou Teng San Granules

    Min Tong


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    Product Description

    Gambir Formula Granules

    Clears Heat
    Calms Liver-Wind

    Nervousness; vertigo; headache caused by arteriosclerosis; high blood pressure; insomnia in middle-age and elderly persons; irritability; ear ringing; aching shoulders; shoulder stiffness; cold extremities

    Product Details

    Size100 grams
    Ingredients: Gypsum Fibrosum (Shi Gao) - 18.18% ; Uncaria Rhynchophilla (Gou Teng) - 9.09% ; Citrus Reticulata (Chen Pi) - 9.09% ; Pinellia Tuber (Bax Xia) - 9.09% ; Ophiopogon Radix (Mai Men Dong) - 9.09% ; Poria Cocos (Fu Ling) - 9.09% ; Panax Ginseng - Red (Ren Shen) - 9.09% ; Chrysanthemum Flos (Ju Hua) - 9.09% ; Siler Radix (Fang Feng) - 9.09% ; Glycyrrhiza Radix (Gan Cao) - 4.55% ; Zingiber Officinale Radix (Sheng Jiang) - 4.55%


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    Gou Teng San Granules

    Gou Teng San Granules

    Gambir Formula Granules