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    Product Description

    To be used as a supplement to a balanced diet when high blood pressure and coronary artery clogging symptoms are present.

    From the Western scientific perspective the fate of cholesterol held in LDL carriers is to be ingested by macrophages in arterial walls and ultimately to end up as plaque. In this process the arteries become less compliant and smaller in diameter leading to higher blood pressures to achieve normal blood flows. The fate of cholesterol in HDL carriers is to be taken up and metabolized by the liver. HDLs have been shown to scavenge cholesterol from LDL carriers and plaques. Saturated fat in the diet prevents normal HDL uptake and activity and has been shown to be the main cause of atherosclerosis in normal individuals. Maximizing the liver's ability to produce HDL carriers and to maximize their function in the blood can reverse some of the plaque development and high blood pressure in many individuals.

    From the TCM point of view coronary heart disease develops from an imbalance in the relationship between Kidney, Liver and Spleen. Excessive Liver Yang is the predisposing factor. Weakness of the Spleen will weaken the Kidney Yin. When the Kidney can not properly nourish the Liver there can be an excessive rise of Liver Yang. This imbalance of these three organs leads to a deficiency of Heart Yang, Heart Qi, Heart Blood and/or Heart Yin. Weak Liver and weak Kidney may show up as dizziness, dry eyes, back and knee ache, feeling unwell, and heaviness of the chest.

    The target of this formula is the otherwise normal individual who has elevated blood pressure and high blood cholesterol. The goal is to prevent further pathology from occurring and to reverse where possible the pathology that may already have already occurred.

    Indications: Diagnosed coronary heart disease, angina pectoris due to blood stasis marked by precordial fixed pain or referred pain radiating to the left shoulder, left back, chest distress or oppressive sensation (weight) in the sternal region.

    Tongue: Dark-red or purplish tongue or with ecchymosis.

    Pulse: Uneven and slow pulse or knotted and intermittent pulse.

    Modern acute care clinical research in China shows that this formula has remarkable effects dilating the coronary arteries, increasing the volume of coronary artery blood flow, and raising the cardiac muscle's tolerance of hypoxia. It inhibits thrombosis formation, promotes fibrinolysis (clot dissolving), inhibits platelet aggregation, and promotes the restoration of necrotic cardiac muscle tissue.

    This formula very effectively addresses the widest range of these pathologies and effectively prevents worsening of symptoms associated with this disease and also can bring about significant resolution.

    Product Details

    Dosage2 to 3 capsules ; three times per day between meals ; morning ; noon ; and evening
    PotencyPotency : 7:1 ; 750 mg tabs
    Size90 capsules
    Ingredients: Tian Qi (Panax pseudoginseng Wall. var. notogingseng Radix) ; Hong Jin Tian (Rhodiole rosea Radix) ; Dan Shen (Salvia miltirrhiza Radix) ; Xin Xi Ye (Ginkgo biloba Folium)


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    For use with high blood pressure, angina, atherosclerosis, improves circulation