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Hou Po

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    Product Description

    Class: Aromatic Herbs that Dispel Dampness Nature Warm. Taste Bitter, pungent. Organ Spleen, Stomach, Lungs, Large Intestine. Toxicity Non toxic.

    Contraindications: Use with caution during pregnancy.

    Chinese Symptomology: Chest and/or abdominal distention and fullness; Distention; Fullness; Nausea; Diarrhea; Cough and Wheezing from phlegm clogging the Lungs

    Actions: Moves Qi. Dries Dampness, Eliminates accumulation from the Middle Burner, Calms dyspnea, Promotes the movement of Qi in the middle burner and resolves stagnation; Promotes the movement of Qi downward, dries dampness, and transforms phlegm; Directs Qi downward, reduces phlegm, and calms wheezing

    Pattern: Qi stagnation affecting the Spleen and Stomach; Food stagnation; Dampness and phlegm obstructing the middle burner affecting the Qi dynamic; Cough and wheezing from phlegm clogging the Lungs.

    Branch: Large Intestine; Lung; Spleen; Stomach

    Product Details

    Size1 pound
    Ingredients: Hou Po


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    Hou Po

    Hou Po

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