Modified Astragalus & Ginseng

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    Product Description

    Therapeutic Actions::

    Fortifies the spleen and boosts the qi, courses the liver and rectifies the qi, transforms phlegm and eliminates dampness, secures the exterior at the same time as gently dispelling wind evils


    * fatigue, especially after eating
    * a tendency towards loose stools
    * abdominal bloating after eating
    * a craving for sweets
    * a typically slippery pulse
    * a possible history of antibiotic use
    * a wet, swollen tongue with teeth marks on its' edges
    * possible white, slimy tongue fur at least at the
    * possible cold hands and feet (though often tongue root not)

    However, according to many Chinese doctors, if one has allergic rhinitis, one does have at least a constitutional spleenlung vacuity. This is based on the middle burner being the source of the engenderment of the defensive qi. Also, everyone who is invaded by an unseen airborne pathogen which does not cause problems for the majority of other people exposed to such allergens does have, ipso facto, a defensive Qi vacuity.

    Symptoms of a kidney Qi vacuity may not be readily apparent. Often such kidney vacuity is a function of immaturity or, on the other end of the spectrum, aging.


    * profuse phlegm
    * a wet tongue with possibly slimy fur
    * a tendency towards runny nose

    According to Chinese medical theory, the vast majority of allergic rhinitis sufferers do have chronic, enduring deeplying phlegm dampness. ├┤The spleen is the root of phlegm engenderment; the lungs are the place where phlegm is stored.

    In addition, most sufferers of allergic rhinitis will have some element of liver depression, as evidenced by the almost ubiquitous bowstring or wiry pulse. Such liver depression Qi stagnation negatively effects the lung and spleen function and the movement and transportation of body fluids. Conversely, phlegm dampness and poor lungspleen function adversely effect the free and easy flow of qi.

    Product Details

    Size60 capsules
    Ingredients: Shan Zhu Yu ; Huang Qin ; Mai Men Dong ; Dang Shen ; Bai Zhu ; Cang Zhu ; Da Zao ; Sheng Jiang ; Fang Feng ; Wu Wei Zi ; Wu Mei ; Ban Xia ; Huang Bai ; Gan Cao ; Chen Pi ; Dang Gui ; Chai Hu ; Sheng Ma


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    Modified Astragalus & Ginseng

    Modified Astragalus & Ginseng

    Modified Huang Qi Ren Shen Tang