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    Product Description

    This formula consists of six most powerful mushrooms used in food and dietary supplements for immune enhancement, health maintenance and fighting diseases. It can also be used on patients with cancers, brain tumors and colitis.

    The main health benefit of medicinal mushrooms is attributed to a group of their active constituents called polysaccharides. These complex carbohydrates stimulate immune responses to many bacterial and viral illnesses including HIV. Some researchers believe this might be because these specific polysaccharides resemble components of the cell walls of viruses and bacteria. Because of their immune-stimulating actions, these polysaccharides may aid in preventing and treating many illness including infections and cancer. Unlike commonly used cancer drugs that kill off healthy cells while they destroy tumors, the polysaccharides help eliminate malignant cells, bacteria and viruses by promoting immune system attacks against them.

    1. Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidus), also known as Red Ling-Zhi in Chinese, has shown in recent studies to be helpful for heart health, including normalizing cholesterol, blood pressure, and circulatory system support. Reishi is a cardio tonic that supports normal blood and oxygen flow to the heart. Reishi has been used to help normalize sleep, high altitude stress, cardiac and liver tonic and Immune system health.

    Constituents include alkaloids, triterpine acids, ergosterols, fumaric acid, coumarins, adenosine, amino acids, and many polysaccharides. Reishi contains 800-2,000 ppm of organic germanium with adaptogenic functions, which is 4-5 times more than Ginseng. Reishi also contains high level of the RNA which disrupts viral diseases by inducing interferon production; oleic acid, an inhibitor of histamine release; cyclooctasulfur, a strong inhibitor of histamine release; LZ-8, an immunomodulating protein which significantly reduces but doesn't entirely shut down antibody production. At least 10:1 extract is used here.

    2. Maitake Mushroom is the Japanese name for the edible fungus Grifola frondosa, It is also called "Dancing mushroom" and "Wu Rong" in Chinese. Polysaccharide constituents of Maitake have been associated in animal studies with multiple bioactive properties. Maitake is main functions are activating the immune system and acting as an anti-tumor agent. The Maitake mushroom extract used here is 10:1 concentration ratio and contains 10% polysaccharides.

    3. Shiitake Mushroom (Lentinus edodes) or Xiang Gu in Chinese is also used as a popular food ingredient in most of the world. It is believed to promote longevity, stimulating the immune system, treating gastrointestinal complaints, protecting the heart, anti-viral and fighting cancer. It is rich in B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6) and specific amino acids. They are also high in minerals; especially selenium, zinc, and copper. The most active constituents found in Shiitake are the polysaccharides, Lentinan and Cortinelin. Lentinan has received the most attention, being responsible for the stimulation of the immune system. In particular, Lentinan stimulates T-Lymphocytes, the first of the immune cells to take action against an invading bacteria or virus. Cortinelin, the other main polysaccharide in Shiitake, is responsible for antibacterial action. It exhibits strong immune responses and has been extensively studied for use with cancers and viral infections. The 8% polysaccharides extract is used in this formula.

    4. Coriolus Mushroom (Yun Zhi), Botanical name is Coriolus versicolor. The powder is extracted from Yun Zhi Mushroom (Cov-1 strain of Coriolus versicolor). Its active ingredients are PSK and PSP. The extracted polysaccharide called Polysaccharide K (PSK) is also known as Krestin. The PSP is a protein-bound polysaccharide peptides. The main component unit of the polysaccharide moiety is 1,4- and -1,6- glucans with -1,3- and 1,6- linkages. The reference of its usage can be traced in the Chinese Compendium of Materia Medica as far back as the 15th century. It also has antiviral and antibacterial effects, which includes anti-hepatitis B and migratory hepatitis virus. Coriolus versicolor has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Modern clinical research has focused on using the water extracts of this mushroom to stimulate and strengthen the immune health of people with cancer.

    Animal studies investigating the efficacy of Coriolus versicolor indicate it has marked immune system-enhancing activity and a broad antineoplastic scope. It prolongs the survival time of irradiated (cancer-induced) mice by stimulating phagocytic activity of macrophages and improving the functions of the reticuloendothelial system.

    5. Cordyceps Mycelium has been clinically tested that it is very good for kidney and liver weakness, difficult in breathing due to kidney and lung deficiency, chronic fatigue. It also strengthens the brain and heart vessel. Now, by using the newest scientific method, cultivating the original mycelium has succeeded and its clinical trials have also proven that the Cordyceps mycelium gives equal or sometimes better results than the original form.

    6. Agaricus blazei Mushroom: About 30 years ago, a Japanese immigrant discovered a mushroom in Brazil, that people called "Gogumelo Piedade". He found out that this mushroom had some medicinal values. He contacted people in Argentina, and Japan, where they started to research about the ABM in 1975. This mushroom started to be known as Himmematsutake, God's mushroom or Sun mushroom . The Japanese researchers studying the composition of ABM reported on its having vitamins B1, B2, amino acids, niacin, phosphorous, iron, calcium and lots of protein and polysaccharides and Beta Glucan which is the active constituent that drastically enhances the function of the immune system which builds the body's natural defenses against diseases. The extract we use here contains more than 45% polysaccharides and has a 8:1 concentration ratio.

    Product Details

    Size90 capsules
    Ingredients: Proprietary blends (1500 mg) of Reishi ; Maitake ; Shiitake ; Agaricus blazei ; Coriolus ; Cordyceps mycelium


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    Mushroom Kings

    Mushroom Kings

    This formula consists of six most powerful mushrooms used in food and dietary supplements for immune enhancement, health maintenance and fighting diseases. It can also be used on patients with cancers, brain tumors and colitis.