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    Product Description

    Therapeutic Actions::

    1. Useful for women with fatigue and dysmenorrhea as a result of childbirth,
    surgery, abortions, lifestyle
    2. Initiate uterine contraction and clear retained uterine blood following childbirth
    3. Dispel retained placenta
    4. Stop mild bleeding
    5. Reduce pain and abdominal cramping
    Chinese Therapeutic Effects
    Tonify spleen Qi Invigorate blood and dispel stasis
    Tonify blood Stop deficiency bleeding
    Nourish jing (kidney essence) Stop pain

    Additional Formulas
    ? In cases of severe deficiency heat producing night sweats, burning in soles and palms, use
    Nine Flavor Tea to nourish yin and dispel deficiency heat
    ? In cases of difficult or long labor, combine with a kidney tonic such as Astra Essence, or Qi
    tonic such as Astra 8 to help tonify the mother after birth of the baby
    ? For deficiency bleeding combine Postpartum with Longevitabs (2 of each formula QID)
    ? For profuse uterine bleeding get a gynecological workup

    1. Heavy bleeding, seek medical attention
    2. Deficiency heat syndrome, with night sweating, hot soles and palms

    Product Details

    Size270 tablets


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    Qi and Jing Herbal Supplement