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Product Description

Therapeutic Actions::

1. For muscle spasms, particularly due to injuries (such as whiplash) affecting
the upper body. It may also be used for muscle cramps and restless leg syndrome
2. Neuralgias of the upper body such as trigeminal, intercostal etc.; may be tried
for sciatica, although this is mostly an upper body formula
3. Contractions, numbness in the limbs; tremors or lack of strength in the limbs;
wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome
Chinese Therapeutic Effects
Invigorate blood Relieve stagnant Qi
Moisten and nourish the sinews Open up the channels

Additional Formulas
? For increased pain relief combine with Resinall K, Resinall E, or Channel Flow
? Use with Flavonex or Mobility 2 for inflammation
? Combine with AC-Q if there is both upper and lower body pain
? For liver wind use Gastrodia Relieve Wind
? For long term spasms consider Marrow Plus to build blood
? Consider Mobility 2 for sciatica
? Combine with Cir-Q for restless leg syndrome

Product Details

Size90 tablets
Ingredients: Bai Shao (White Peony root) ; Ge Gen (Pueraria root) ; Wei Ling Xian (Clematis root) ; Ji Xue Teng (Spantholobus root/stem) ; Gan Cao (Licorice root) ; Calcium aspartate (100 mg) ; Magnesium aspartate (50 mg)


on 09/13/2016


This product is amazing!!!! I have been suffering with severe hemafacial spasms for the last 5 years. I have tried different things including botox every 3 months. The botox rarely touches makes a difference. I have been looking into and considering the surgery for this and on one of the blogs I was reading there were a few people that mentioned this product. I decided to give it a shot and I am sooooooo grateful I did. I am experiencing incredible success and relief from my spasms. I have days where I don't have any spasms at all. Then when I have some it's only one or two for a day. I am over the moon happy that I found this product. I have been ordering this on amazon and now will try this website. This product has given me alost 100% relief.

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