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The Neck

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    Product Description

    To be used as a supplement to a balanced diet in the presence of vertebrae cervicales degeneration and bone spurring; also cervical spondylosis.

    The Western scientific perspective (Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy) describes the above condition in part under cervical spondylosis. In this condition the cervical vertebrae and discs undergo degenerative changes and bone growth (spurring) occurs on the edges of vertebral body tables. Narrowing of the cervical canal and intervertebral foramina may also occur and may impinge on spinal cord and spinal nerves along with associated vasculature (spinal venous plexuses.)

    TCM Indications: Traditional Chinese Medicine clinical pathology reasoning attributes the above condition to stagnation of the Channels and their collateral channels resulting from attack of Wind and Cold-Damp on the body marked by: the Bi (blockage) Syndromes of the Tai-Yang channel; stagnation of the tunnels of the channels; and deficiency of Qi and Blood. The channel of the tendon loses nutritional support due to deficiency of Kidney with exhaustion of the Essence-Qi. The Medulla loses its functional ability to nourish the brain.

    This formula, from clinical acute care use in China, successfully treats the numerous signs and symptoms associated with this condition. They include stiff, sore neck with reduced range of motion. Neck pain may radiate out into the upper extremity (shoulder, arm, forearm, hand.) Some people may experience upper extremity numbness or tingling. In a few individuals, the upper extremity may feel cold.

    This formula successfully treats the widest range of these symptoms and helps to provide improved range of motion in the neck and resolution of symptoms associated with the upper extremity.

    Product Details

    Size60 capsules
    Ingredients: Bai Shao (Paeoniae lactiflorae Radix) ; Ji Xue Teng (Spatholobus suberectus Radix) ; Mu Gua (Chaenomelis lagernarea Fructus) ; Xi Xin (Asarum sieboldii herba cum Radix) ; Ci Wu Jia (Eleutherococcus senticosus Radix) ; Dang Gui Tou (Angelica sinensis Caput Radix) ; Lu Jao Shuang (Cervis elaphus Cornu Degelatinatum) ; Gui Zhi (Cinnamomum cassia Ramulus) ; Yin Yang Huo (Epimedium brevicornum herba)


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    The Neck

    The Neck

    For use in treating neck pain, vertebrae cervicales, bone spurring & cervical spondylosis