Unlocking Formula

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    Product Description

    Therapeutic Actions::

    1. Address menstrual pain with heat signs
    2. Endometriosis, painful ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, chronic PID, chronic
    abnormal vaginal discharge, and various stages of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
    (cervical dysplasia), with heat signs
    Chinese Therapeutic Effects
    1. Clear bound Qi, stagnant Qi and stasis of blood
    2. Clears heat and dampness in the lower jiao

    Additional Formulas
    ? Heavenly Water or Woman?s Balance when symptoms of PMS are present
    ? Channel Flow for acute menstrual cramps
    ? Three Immortals for menopause
    ? Nine Flavor Tea for kidney yin deficiency
    ? Combine Unlocking with Bupleurum Entangled Qi for uterine fibroids and cysts with heat
    signs (2 tablets of each formula QID)

    Product Details

    Size90 tablets
    Ingredients: Bai Jiang Cao (Patrinia herb) ; Da Xue Teng (Sargentodoxa herb) ; Chuan Niu Xi (Cyathula root) ; Chuan Lian Zi (Melia fruit) ; Mu Dan Pi (Moutan root bark) ; Chi Shao (Red Peony root) ; Fu Ling (Poria sclerotium) ; Xiao Hui Xiang (Fennel fruit) ; Zhi Ke (Citrus fruit) ; Cang Zhu (Red Atractylodes rhizome) ; Bai Zhu (White Atractylodes rhizome) ; Huang Bai (Phellodendron cortex) ; Sheng Ma (Cimicifuga rhizome)


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    Unlocking Formula

    Unlocking Formula

    Damp Heat Dysmenorrhea