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Zhong Gan Ling (Cold Burst)

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    Product Description

    Zhong Gan Ling

    Quickly counters severe Wind-Heat, cools blood, moistens throat, and restores balance by supporting your body's natural defense during the cold season.

    Sort throat, Cold, Flu

    Western Symptomatology:

    Product Details

    Size200 pills
    Ingredients: Huang Qin (Chinese skullcap root) - 10% ; Lian Qiao (forsythia fruit) - 10% ; Gang Mei Gen (rough holly leaf and root) - 10% ; Mao Dong Qing (Pubescent holly root) - 10% ; Ban Lan Gen (woad root) - 10% ; Jing Jie (schizonepeta) - 10% ; Niu Bang Zi (burdock root) - 10% ; Ju Hua (chrysanthemum flower) - 7% ; Ge Gen (kudzu root) - 7% ; Xuan Shen (scrophularia root) - 7% ; Gan Cao (licorice root) - 5% ; Dan Zhu Ye (Lophatherum leaf) - 4%


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    Zhong Gan Ling (Cold Burst)

    Zhong Gan Ling (Cold Burst)

    Zhong Gan Ling